April Favourites



Welcome to another monthly favourites post, looking at all the things I’ve been loving in April! Compared to previous months, this is going to be pretty short and sweet: I’ve been a bit rubbish at discovering new things and this month seems to have flown by before I managed to achieve anything.



This month, following a couple of recommendations, I discovered Juno Dawson, who used to write under the name James Dawson, before transitioning to female, hence being known as Juno. On the whole, I’ve really enjoyed reading her books, getting through on average one a day. Her earlier books took some getting used to, in particular Under My Skin. In fact, my reaction after finishing that book was “that was weird!“Don’t get me wrong, it was a good book, however the concept of a tattoo overtaking and becoming the controlling force on someone’s body really really freaked me out.

Juno Dawson is  storytelling genius. Whilst her earlier books are under the thriller genre, which I love, they are so much more than just thrillers, looking at LGBT* issues, friendship, bullying, confidence and expectations. So, as well as reading Under My Skin, I have also made my way through Clean, Hollow Pike, All of the Above, Say Her Name and The Gender Games. Clean sees Juno Dawson taking a different route in fiction (think Gossip Girl meets Girl Interrupted as one reviewer puts it) and I actually have this book to thank for my introduction to Juno’s work, after I picked it up on a whim in Tesco.

Whilst I have mainly read Juno Dawson’s books this month, I have also read Sunflowers in February which was heartbreakingly perfect.

I’ve stuck to young adult fiction this month because I’ve been massively struggling with brain fog, which has affected my ability to concentrate and take in anything where I am required to think. Fingers crossed that next month, I can make a start on the growing pile of crime and thriller genre books that I have on my book shelves.



Pitch Perfect 3 came out on DVD this month. Need I say more? I love the Pitch Perfect franchise and the films are often my go-to films when I feel rubbish and need cheering up.


I’ve realised that I haven’t watched much TV or seen many films this month. I’m hoping to see Love, Simon soon, fingers crossed that it lives up to the hype.


Spoonie Favourites


My first spoonie favourite for this month is a bit of a different one: Tesco jeans. Okay, stay with me on this one. I have really short legs – being just over 5ft is a bit of a curse in that sense – so I find buying jeans a very painful process. Once I find a brand that I like, that’s it, I’m on a convert and buy all the jeans in different colours (I say different colours and I mean dark blue and black). I had a slightly unfortunate vomit situation which resulted in me needing to buy some new emergency jeans and the nearest shop was Tesco. I picked up a pair of their contour jeans in denim colour, with ripped knees. And I love them. They are so comfy, they fit perfectly, with a slight stretch which is perfect for when my hips and knees swell up. Plus, they are so much cheaper than my usual Jack Wills/Oasis/Top Shop jeans and they wash well as well, which is always a bonus. I love these jeans so much that I went out and bought another pair in dark indigo a few days later. Who knew that Tesco jeans could be so good?!

My other spoonie favourite for April is the brand Happy Naturals. I actually discovered Happy Naturals just over a year ago and got very excited at finding another skin care/cosmetic company that not only is cruelty free, but doesn’t cause an awful reaction on my sensitive skin. Their muscle soak bubble bath is wonderful for those days when my body is all-over-hurting. Maybe it’s a psychological effect but I’ve found that it eases muscle pain and makes me feel super pampered.





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