Snip Snip

I’ve talked before about Blue Skye Thinking and my quest to raise £1000 for them: whilst less dramatic than abseiling down a building, here is the most recent fundraising round-up!

On Saturday 19th March, I did a joint fundraising event for Blue Skye Thinking and the Little Princess Trust and had my long locks much shorter. Although getting my hair cut has, so far, been the least demanding challenge in my quest to raise £1000, psychologically it needed the most psyching up before hand. People close to me will know that I suffer from an eating disorder and body dismorphia and my hair is hugely important in my self confidence and esteem. I actually underestimated how anxious I was going to feel and by the time I arrived at the hairdressers, I wanted to be sick. A lot. 

The sickness eased slightly when Sally, Jesse and Flynn arrived, in Blue Skye Thinking attire, and I tried to put my nerves to the back of my mind and focus on why I was doing it. Not only does the money raised support the treatment and research of childhood brain tumours, my hair will hopefully form part of a wig for a little girl who has lost her hair, in her fight with cancer.

So, months and months of hair growing was about to come to an end; as we all stood around and measured my hair, I realised how short it was going to be. Jesse did a fantastic job in asking for donations from other people in the hair dressers; when I came up with the idea of having my hair cut off, my first thought was to ask Jesse if he wanted to help in cutting it. What four year old is going to say no at the chance of taking centre stage with a  pair of sharp scissors?! And we all had a good giggle at how silly I looked, with my hair divided into four sections.



Once the seven inches of hair had been hacked off, there was literally no denying how short my had was. I felt naked and all I could think was how was my hairdresser going to make my hair look okay again? To be fair to the wonderful Gill, I shouldn’t have doubted her.

It’s different, that’s for sure. It’s shorter than I expected. I cried. But I’ll get used to it and it will grow. Meanwhile, all I can hope if my hair makes a child going through something impossibly tough to feel a little bit of happiness.





If you would like to donate, you can do so here or via Just Giving text, by texting LCBS48 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 (or enter whatever amount you wish).


Huge thank you to Gill, Lea and Sam for working their magic on my hair. Thank you to all the staff at Tangerine, Abingdon, for allowing the madness to happen (and for being so generous).





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