30 before 30

I am approaching my mid-twenties. I’m probably going to have some form of quarter life crisis at some point. There is all sorts of pressure to settle down, have a proper job, start a family, and whilst I do want all of that, I don’t want it right now. If I am reminded once more about the need to provide grandchildren in the family I will scream. It’s my body and my choice! Settling down couldn’t be further from my mind and any settling down thoughts which I have usually involve scrolling through Instagram on the hashtag #minilops and finding the cutest ginger bunny and wishing it was mine. Making a phone call stresses me out, I cry inside when I have to pay a bill because it feels like richer people are stealing money off me and I think it’s okay to buy a thick, fluffy jumper which is two sizes too big in the middle of July because it looks pretty. I then wonder how I end up with little to no money. I am not ready to adult.

A year ago, my undergraduate student days ended and I still miss and pine for those days. Those days when it was accepted that the day (or two days) after a night out were completely wasted by sitting on the sofa with drool coming out of my mouth because I was so hungover. Those days when I had roughly three to five hours in university a week and the remainder of the time was usually spent in bed and definitely spent in my pyjamas or onesie. Those days when my housemate and I couldn’t be bothered to cook or walk the five minutes down the road to Waitrose to get food to cook, so we went to The Best Chip Shop ever and had chips for dinner. They were good days.

To break up the monotony of life, I’ve put my thinking cap on and come up with thirty things to do before I reach the age of thirty. Credit goes to my friend, writer of Something in the Way She Moves who wrote a blog post on the forty things she wants to achieve before she is forty, as I got the idea from her.

1) Complete a masters degree.

2) Work in a role which supports young people with mental illnesses.

3) Travel the world.

4) See the Northern Lights.

5) Marry.

6) Have children (hopefully).

7) Have my own house.

8) Be financially stable.

9) Sing on a West-End stage.

10) Sky dive.

11) Bungee jump.

12) Complete a half marathon

13) Complete a triathlon.

14) Raise £1000 for Blue Skye Thinking.

15) Write a book.

16) Publish an article for Huffington Post.

17) Meet some of the people who I have met online and thank them in person for all they have done for me.

18) Cuddle an orangutan.

19) Complete the North Wales zip wire.

20) Teach young people to not be ashamed of who they are.

21) Become and MP and fight for what I believe in.

22) Learn basic Polish.

23) Thank every single person who has made a difference to my life.

24) Go to a festival and not spend the entire time grossed out by the toilets.

25) Visit all of the the seven wonders of the world.

26) Live for a week without internet, TV, phones etc

27) Go to Wimbledon men’s final

28) Leave a note for a stranger in a public place.

29) Learn how to take a compliment without turning into an arrogant arsehole about it.

30) Fall in love, deeply, properly and unequivocally.

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